The top-of-the-range model in the MR16 LED family

The top-of-the-range model in the MR16 LED family intelligently builds on the technology of the MR16 7W, and is equally impressive in terms of offering precise and even illumination across large areas, with extremely low energy consumption. All this makes the MR16 7W UDT ideal for general lighting across large areas.

Its infinitely variable ‘ultra dimmability’ from 0% to 100% and complete compatibility with almost all commonly available dimmers are spectacular qualities that make perfect lighting concepts possible.

Specially cut lens, which ensure maximum light brilliance, and its intelligent integrated driver, which is compatible with virtually all commonly available transformers, are among the features perfectly packaged in the aesthetic Q-MAX design.

AREAS OF APPLICATION //// Ideal for cafes, restaurants, hotels – and many other areas


7 watt 400 and 550 lumen

Voltage: 12V AC
Colour Temperature: 3,000K, 2,700K
Colour: Warm White
CRI: >80
Candela: 600, 1,000
Switching Frequency: > 60,000
Life Time: > 35.000 h
Heat Sink: Aluminium

Technical details

NOT FOR USE inside enclosed luminaires or in luminaires without air flow.