High quality of light

‘LED lamps and lights glare’. That is one of the most frequent complaints that has been cited over the past few years with regard to LED technology.

We took on this challenge, because in professional environments it is unacceptable that customers or guests feel dazzled by LED lighting. Light makes a key contribution in creating a positive mood amongst customers and a top-quality atmosphere and must therefore adjust itself 100 per cent to the desired environment.

For this reason, Q-MAX exclusively uses premium-quality-manufactured single-focus lenses for its LED lamps and some of its LED lights (such as the 12-W LED downlights, also generally, popularly referred to as recessed LED luminaires or recessed LED spotlights).
In addition, some of our LED lamps are equipped with a special precision lens: LGO – Less Glare Optics.

The single-focus optics concentrate the emitted LED light into a contained illuminated area, without the formation of unsightly hot and blind spots, as can be found with conventional multi-focus lenses.

The precision LGO lens optimises the channelling of the light to the effect that glare and scattered light are reduced to a minimum and even light distribution is enabled – professional LED lighting at the highest level.
Products with LGO Technology: