Rising electricity prices combined with inefficiently working illuminants increasingly represent an enormous cost factor and permanently detract from the benefits of quality lighting.

LED lamps and LED lights from Q-MAX enable a much more efficient power and performance balance. This is because we have exploited all the technical possibilities to optimise the interplay of Q-MAX operating devices and LED lamps and lights.

For example, you can replace your old 75-watt incandescent lamps with efficient LED lamps of 14 watt; or your 50-watt PAR16 cold-light mirror lamps with 5.5-watt LED lamps from Q-MAX. In so doing, you will not notice any difference in brightness, nor even in the quality of light – but you will notice a difference when the bill arrives from your electricity provider.

Our Q-MAX LED lights are also real efficiency packages. In contrast to an LED lamp, with a light the deflection of rays plays an important role in assessing efficiency. For what use is a large lumen package of an illuminant to you if the conventional light source deflects a part of the light unfavourably and the illuminant itself is in the way and thus absorbs its own emitted light itself or even casts shadows? Here LED lights have a considerably higher degree of effectiveness.

With Q-MAX LED lights, we place importance on the correct measurement and design of the light on the one hand and use aluminium reflectors of the highest quality on the other. Therefore, the lumen specifications stated for our Q-MAX LED lights are the measured lumen packages of the light; in other words, the luminaire’s luminous flux that actually leaves the LED light. Here, our LED lights truly achieve the best values of partially over 100 lm/W.
LED Illuminaires with greatest energy efficiency: