Easy change to LED

The biggest barriers preventing you from changing to LED lamps and LED lights can be summarised as follows: differences in size between the illuminants and bases, the need for the same amount of voltage supply, a lack of compatibility between dimmers, ballasts and control units and altered light beam angles.

Q-MAX took on these challenges and developed LED lamps and LED lights which have actually earned the name ‘LED retrofit’: our LED illuminants and LED lights possess precisely tailored sizes and bases to enable the quick and seamless replacement of your conventional lighting.

We opted for the design of short lamp bodies – so-called ‘short necks’ – in particular for the PAR16 LED lamps, as these fit much better into the holders of conventional lighting. In addition to the fully matching design of the conventional PAR16, the Q-MAX PAR16 LED lamps boast very high lumen values, which can otherwise almost only be achieved on the market using impractical ‘long neck’ PAR16 LED lamps or using actively cooled, and therefore loudly humming, MR16 LED lamps.

Furthermore, some of our LED lamps feature UDT – Universal Driver Technology. The starting point for this technology is a high degree of compatibility with the majority of commonly available halogen transformers. Halogen transformers form the converter, which controls the mains voltage from 230 volts to the required low voltage, such as 12 or 24 V.

Unfortunately, older transformers like iron-core transformers are unregulated; this means the low output voltage may turn out higher and be subject to slight fluctuations. The result is that damage is caused to most LED retrofit illuminants. Generally this leads to flickering or in a worst case scenario to permanent damage to the LED lamp.

Q-MAX LED lamps equipped with UDT protect the LED illuminant from these fluctuations in a sustained and effective way. So there is nothing preventing seamless, continuous operation without the laborious modification of existing halogen transformers. And should you ever require a change of transformer, with its LED Trafo Q-MAX has one of the highest-quality LED transformers on the market ready for you.
In addition, many Q-MAX LED lamps feature a technical enhancement which simplifies the changeover from conventional lighting dramatically: SDC – Sophisticated Dimmer Compatibility. LED lamps equipped with this technology possess an internal driver which is responsible for infinitely variable dimming with almost all leading-edge and trailing-edge phase dimmers. The clear advantage for you: here, too, you can modify your old lighting to modern, efficient LED illuminants without the time and cost involved in a conversion.
Q-MAX products also offer great variety and choice when it comes to beam angles. Our LED lamps and LED lights emit their light through a large range of high-performance reflectors. Whether you want an LED light with a narrow focus (e.g. 19 degrees) or an LED lamp which scatters its light broadly (e.g. LED A60 14-W with 270 degrees), you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for with Q-MAX.
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