Best light consistency

Another quality characteristic for LED lamps and LED lights is light consistency – the maintaining of brightness over the entire service life.

Nearly all LEDs available on the market increasingly lose luminosity over the course of their life cycle. This creeping loss of brightness – also referred to as degradation – puts an end to the service life of an LED lamp, if not in a technical sense then definitely in a visual sense. Here is an example: if an LED lamp shows it has a life span of 35,000 hours and specifies a degradation value of L70 with it, this means that once the LED lamp reaches 35,000 hours, it has already lost 30% of its initial brightness.

Using highly developed packaging and consistent use of exclusively high-grade and resilient LED chips from the brands Cree, Sharp and Samsung (for LED illuminants), we have achieved a situation with the professional LED lamps from Q-MAX where hardly any measurable degradation sets in up to the life span specified by us!

This means that after 35,000 hours, a Q-MAX LED lamp still has almost exactly the same amount of luminous flux as at the beginning of its service.

We exclusively use LED chips from Bridgelux and Panasonic in our LED lights. These are of such high quality that degradation here is a maximum of 10%, which, based on current standards on the LED light market, represents first-class value. You therefore need no longer worry about reduction in brightness and can use your Q-MAX LED lamps and LED lights with peace of mind up to the end of their service life.