LED experience

The Q-MAX brand

Q-MAX is a young, modern, technically highly developed, premium LED brand.
Our lighting systems stand for the very best in quality, innovation and longevity in LED technology, intelligent and ambitious light design and brilliant LED products. They also stand for totally efficient lighting solutions.
Our thoroughly perfected LED products produce reliable results and safely ensure that you are 'always one step ahead'.


Q-MAX combines pioneering, innovative LED technology with the requirements and demands for professional LED lighting of today.
Our goal is the development of first-class LED light. An LED light with a system that enables the full potential of the LED technology and personalised lighting scenarios. An LED light which is inferior to no top-class halogen light.
The result is high-quality LED lamps, LED lights, LED transformers and LED modules which continuously drive the evolution of LED lighting.
We also deal with highly specific problems from our customers with adept solutions and with products that are individually tailored.
Q-MAX is an LED lamp and LED light manufacturer on whom you can depend. Always. Anywhere, any time.

Development and production

Q-MAX develops, designs and produces its LED lamps, with European know-how from the Netherlands, in Malaysia – the Silicon valley of LED production – while the LED lights are produced directly in Germany.
LED components are only purchased if they have already impressively proven their competence on the market and if they support our demanding product objectives perfectly; such as the high-grade LED chips from CREE, for example.

Sales and logistics

The beginning of research and development into our LED illuminants stretches back to the year 2008. Q-MAX products first appeared on the market in spring 2013.
For sales we draw on MULTI-LITE Lichttechnik Handelsgesellschaft mbH, which boasts more than 25 years of expertise in the lighting trade for professional users. With the best contacts and an elaborate global distribution network, MULTI-LITE GmbH ensures the quick and smooth shipping of our Q-MAX LED products.

Verified quality

All LED lamps, LED lights, LED transformers and LED modules naturally carry the CE mark certified by DEKRA and thus certify that they comply with the requirements of the European Union, as per EU regulation 765/2008.
In addition, many of our LED lamps carry the RoHS certificate and thereby confirm that our products do not contain environmentally harmful substances such as mercury or PBB, are environmentally friendly and can be recycled.
Our FCC-labelled products also comply with standards set in the USA and Canada and can be imported without any problem.

The highest quality for your safety. Look forward to a quantum leap with Q-MAX!

Unique Advantages