Service life

All LED lamps and LED lights from Q-MAX are equipped with innovative LED technology and are amongst the most modern LED systems in the world. It is therefore our goal to design for the service life of our LEDs not only to be as long-lasting as possible, but also to heavily limit their degradation so that this has barely any impact any more. We have succeeded on both counts.

Firstly, using a sophisticated system for heat dissipation, we protect the heat-sensitive electronics inside the Q-MAX LED lamp effectively from the excessive influence of heat. This is because heat builds up in all LED lamps and is one of the main factors influencing a short or long service life.

Q-MAX LED lamps feature a thermally optimised housing and an aluminium alloy cooling element, which was developed in cooperation with a manufacturer of laptop heat sinks and which passively (and silently) dissipates heat that arises when in use. In this way, the driver and therefore the sensitive electronics of the LED lamp have ideal protection and a very long product service life is guaranteed.

Additionally, a variety of our modern and high-quality LED lamps feature integrated temperature monitoring. This ensures that the maximum service life of the LED illuminant is reached reliably. This property is both an important and often underestimated guarantor of safety. The reason for this is that the temperature monitoring installed in Q-MAX LED lamps causes the LED lamps to shut themselves down in the event of overheating at 130°C. This means that neither will the LED lamps destroy themselves, nor – and this is much more important – can a fire occur. So, brilliant Q-MAX LED technology is combined with absolute reliability.
Products with integrated temperature controle: