The strong all-rounder with a trendsetting LED chip

The strong all-rounder with a trendsetting LED chip is ideal for precise and even precise lighting across large areas, with extremely low energy consumption.

Its illumination is bright, but warm and cosy at the same time. Its technology is built for the future and longevity. A thermally optimised housing prevents the driver from overheating. And for even better reliability, Q-MAX only uses the very best LED module from the US market leader CREE in the MR16 7W.

The combination of first-class, infinitely variable dimming capability, which in many cases requires no modification to the dimmer, and excellent A+-class energy consumption makes the Q-MAX MR16 7W a versatile, powerful LED lamp for lighting larger areas.

AREAS OF APPLICATION //// Ideal for cafes, restaurants, hotels – and many other areas


7 watt 500 lumen

Voltage: 12V AC
Colour Temperature: 3,000K
Colour: Warm White
CRI: >80
Candela: 1,200
Switching Frequency: > 60,000
Life Time: > 35,000 h
Heat Sink: Aluminium

Technical details

NOT FOR USE inside enclosed luminaires or in luminaires without air flow.