LED MR16 5.5W

Pleasantly warm lighting

The Q-MAX MR16 5.5W LED light bulb provides the optimal light output for pleasantly bright general lighting. It spreads its warm-looking light evenly across large areas.

Its state-of-the-art Q-MAX technology ensures equal or even higher light efficiency than halogen light sources, with a notably lower wattage. It is, of course, very easy to install and exchange. The brightness of the MR16 5.5W is dimmable, in many cases requires no modification to the dimmer and converts electricity into light with minimal losses.

All this makes the MR16 5.5W a considerably more economical alternative to many other products, and its natural colours without yellowness or bloom are also impressive. What’s more, the Q-Max single-focus lenses look better than the multi-focus lenses from many other manufacturers. In summary: Q-MAX is the better choice!

AREAS OF APPLICATION //// Ideal for cafes, restaurants, hotels – and many other areas


5.5 watt 350 lumen

Voltage: 12 V AC
Colour Temperature: 3,000K, 2,700K
Colour: Warm White
CRI: >86
Candela: 450, 680, 1,300
Switching Frequency: > 60,000
Life Time: > 35,000 h
Heat Sink: Aluminium

Technical details

NOT FOR USE inside enclosed luminaires or in luminaires without air flow.