Q-MAX LED lamps for GU10 socket

PAR16 5.5W: Anyone looking for a reliable, highly modern LED lamps with excellent energy efficiency for general lighting cannot ignore the Q-MAX PAR16 5.5W. Over 60,000 times switched on and off makes for a very long lifespan, and this, in combination with its attractive single-focus lens, radiating a bright, pleasantly warm white light, makes it one of the highlights among the LED lamps currently available.

PAR16 6W: The highest quality for the highest energy savings. Just like the other models in the range, the PAR16 6W impresses with its excellent A+-rated energy efficiency

PAR16 7.5W: The integrated LED chip from the US market leader CREE used for light generation is also of the highest quality. It ensures excellent reliability and provides a service life of over 35,000 hours – with virtually unchanged light intensity and brilliance.