LED A60 14W

Innovative LED technology at work

Innovative LED technology at work. Thanks to its uncompromising light efficiency, the Q-MAX A60 LED is perfect for many professional applications and use in the home. With its E27 screw socket, it is also ideal for instant installation into traditional bulb fittings!

Fans of filament light bulbs don’t need to miss out. Its warm white LED light with a 270° angle of reflected beam distributes the light almost completely evenly across a very large radius, like a filament light bulb.

Combined with the infinitely variable dimming function, lifespan of over 30,000 hours (equivalent to four years of constant use, day and night) and the resulting potential for major savings, the Q-MAX A60 14W is the ideal replacement for filament light bulbs. And good for the environment. Perfect!

AREAS OF APPLICATION //// Ideal for professional applications, such as in offices, warehouses – and much more.


14 watt 1,000 lumen

Voltage: 220-240V AC
Colour Temperature: 2,700K
Colour: Warm White
CRI: >80
Candela: 100
Switching Frequency: > 60,000
Life Time: > 30,000 h
Heat Sink: Aluminium

Technical details

NOT FOR USE inside enclosed luminaires or in luminaires without air flow.