Q-MAX LED lamps for E27 socket

A60 8W: Its special ‘Gold Dim Technology´ creates wonderful colour temperatures and cosy atmospheres, provides a wide angle of reflected beam and is extremely long-lasting and reliable. The future of light for virtually any conventional socket!

A60 10W: Energy-guzzling filament bulbs are now a thing of the past to the Q-MAX A60 10W, because its classic E27 (ES) socket makes the change a simple exercise.

A60 14W: Thanks to its excellent intensity, the Q-MAX LED A60 14W can replace a 75 W filament light bulb without difficulty and is therefore perfect for many professional applications, from offices to warehouses, and can also be used in the home.

PAR30: Once you say YES to the PAR30 13W, you will never look back. Its numerous top-quality features and the attractive combination of perfect dimmability, high energy-efficiency and stylish design make this shining light in the Q-MAX range a must-have for all people and areas of application that require certain standards combined with a little je ne sais quoi. This Q-MAX LED fits the bill!