Choose your Socket

Intelligent Q-MAX technology perfectly packaged in an aesthetic design which adapts perfectly to your old halogen lamp socket – this characterise our GU5.3 and GU10 sockets.

High-technology for your incandescent socket. With its retrofit shape and classical E27 socket the the switch to Q-MAX LED technology and its major electricity and energy savings is extremely easy.

Warm, steady and even dimmable LED candlelight straight away. Coming from the Q-MAX Candle 4W with a classic E14 socket in retrofit design. Take the old filament bulb out, put the new LED Candle in, and enjoy the candlelight with a cosy colour temperature of 2,200 Kelvin.

The Q-MAX AR111 16.5W with its G53 socket is the ideal choice for all those who value fade-resistant lighting and don’t want to continually have to install new light bulbs due to early malfunctions.