Top hotel STAR AWARD 2015

Q-MAX’s groundbreaking ‘PAR16 7W with GoldDimTechnology 2.0’ nominated for STAR AWARD

Our Q-MAX team couldn't be happier!

Even before its official launch, Q-MAX's pioneering 'PAR16 7W with GoldDimTechnology 2.0' LED bulb, the first of its kind in the world, has been nominated by TOP HOTEL magazine for the renowned STAR AWARD in the 'technology' category.

And at Q-MAX, we obviously think that's for good reason. That's because our innovative product sets totally new standards – and is the very first LED bulb to even outperform halogen bulbs.

The Q-MAX PAR16 LED is the world's first and only LED bulb whose colour temperature can be dimmed exactly like a halogen bulb. Using Q-MAX's 'GoldDimTechnology 2.0', it reaches the highest colour rendering index score that this type of light bulb has ever achieved – and with Q-MAX's typically high level of energy efficiency too.

With the new design of Q-MAX's innovative LED bulb, rooms are not only sufficiently bright and reliably lit, the illuminated colours are also rendered in an almost entirely natural way. This is possible thanks to Q-MAX's 'GoldDimTechnology 2.0', which varies the colour spectrum from a bright, warm yellow (2,800 K) to a dark shade of gold (1,700 K). Another major feature is that this new LED bulb achieves an above-average 250 lm even at the highest dimming level (1,700 K) and impressively offers a fantastic CRI of 93.

The smart and pioneering combination of innovation, colour rendering and cost-effectiveness also won over the critical TOP HOTEL editorial team, who rated Q-MAX's innovative product as an extremely interesting one for the hotel industry.

The renowned STAR AWARD is one of the most coveted hotel industry trophies in the German-speaking world, and is designed to highlight the achievements of the hotel supply industry. Companies can put their products forward in the various categories. The expert judges nominate three products in each category. To ensure the greatest possible objectivity, TOP HOTEL readers subsequently vote for the nominated products. The final bronze, silver and gold awards will then be announced at a prize-giving ceremony during the INTERNORGA show in Hamburg in March 2015.

With the new 'PAR16 7W with GoldDimTechnology 2.0', an LED light bulb can, for the first time, achieve the same level of lighting quality as a conventional halogen bulb and continue to outperform halogen on energy efficiency many times over.

At Q-MAX we're delighted to be nominated for a STAR AWARD, which represents the very first recognition of our fantastic new product.