LED colour temperature

As with all illuminants, an LED lamp generates light at different colour temperatures – colour temperatures which fill a room with an atmosphere and a mood and which are one of the most important factors for a pleasant visual room climate and sensitive lighting design.

LED lamps and LED lights from Q-MAX have been specially developed for the requirements of professional end-customers and therefore serve a broad colour temperature range.

Q-MAX offers a large selection of high-quality products: from warm white LED light, which starts at 2,700 K, through to the colder neutral white LED light, in a range between 3,300 K to 4,000 K. This ensures that for every area of application and for every illumination situation the right colour temperature is available.

In this way, for example, an individual feel-good atmosphere is only conferred with the interplay of the different LED colour temperatures of a lounge (by using warm LED light in different red, orange and yellow tones through to warm white tones). Or, such interplay draws customers’ attention effectively to a particular exhibition space using neutral white LED light, which enables illumination that is rich in contrast and specifically emphasises objects.

Wholly in keeping with this premium quality, the LED lamps and LED lights from Q-MAX also have one characteristic that is unfortunately still not standard on the LED market: they retain their original colour temperature unchanged throughout their entire service life.

In addition, Q-MAX offers another special feature with its 8-W A60LED lamp: Gold Dim Technology. This technological feature enables infinitely variable dimming of the colour temperature! It is therefore possible to dim the colour temperature of the 8-W A60 LED lamp down from 2,850 K to 2,200 K and consequently to reduce the colour temperature from a warm white gold to a dark gold tone. In this process, the LED lamp does not merely become darker and darker, but warmer and warmer instead, and thus generates a truly pleasant and cosy atmosphere. As a result, wholly new possibilities open up in lighting design for the first time.
Products with GoldDimTechnology:
Improvement GoldDimTechnology 2.0