Gastronomy sets its very own specific conditions for a lighting arrangement. Firstly, the mood of the lighting has to match the interior, in order to achieve an image that is coherent as a whole; one which emphasises the special features and virtues of the architecture and furnishings and leaves the guests with an indelible, positive impression.

Secondly, the lighting around the guests' tables and the buffet must perfectly accentuate the culinary creations – because we eat with our eyes as well.

With LED lighting, this is based on the ideal brightness, colour temperature and reproduction; and setting masterful accents for a professional visual experience.

Also, guests are more demanding today than before and expect something special during their visit to a restaurant. So why not surprise and stimulate your guests simply with changing atmospheres? Adjust the LED lighting to the mood of your guests or the time of day! Let your restaurant radiate a calm and serene atmosphere in the morning, then let it appear in a wholly different light in the evening; and, depending on the occasion, generate a peaceful, romantic or stimulating mood.

Design your own professional dining experience with LED lamps and LED lights from Q-MAX. Whether it is extensive, bright, stimulating light through LED downlights or warm, punctuated light from LED spotlights – with LED lighting from Q-MAX you have total freedom. Durable, low-maintenance, infinitely variable dimming without flickering or buzzing and humming: professional LED light for your modern gastronomy.

We would be delighted to show you some example lighting arrangements from our restaurant section in our gallery. Feel free to contact us at any time if you have any questions.