Guest Rooms and Suites

If the lobby is the centrepiece of your hotel, the room or the suite is the place that 'tips the balance'.

Each guest likely has different requirements of his room or his suite. However, they all share an expectation of a coherent interior coupled with an atmosphere that immediately conveys a pleasant feeling in which the guest can feel 'at home'.

With tailored LED lighting which fits the appearance of the rooms harmoniously, you create your own atmospheric world, thus contributing significantly to your guests' satisfaction.

With the LED lamps and LED lights from Q-MAX, you convert your rooms and suites into individual worlds of experience effectively and full of effects: from powerful, bright and functional LED ceiling light, which helps cleaning staff perform their work and the guest get dressed in front of the wardrobe, to neutral, bright LED light at the desk, which allows the guest to work comfortably.

Offer soft and gentle LED light for many hours of reading in bed, which can be dimmed down to a dark gold tone if so desired, thus creating an ambience for enjoying the television.

Create relaxing LED light in the bathroom, which can be dimmed with infinite variability to a stimulating bright light and thus adjusts to the requirements of the daytimes and waking up times of your guests.

Q-MAX LED lamps and LED lights allow you to set specific lighting nuances in all spaces, in unbeatable quality. Without a fading of brightness or colour changes. Without irritating humming or other disturbing sounds. Mercury-free, break-proof and with an automatic shutdown function in the event of overheating – for the best possible security for your guests.

Take a look at the wide range of opportunities for yourself and get some ides for the LED lighting in your hotel rooms and sweets from our gallery. We would of course be delighted to answer any of your queries at any time.