Hotel lobby and Reception

Welcome your guests in an unforgettable way and leave a lasting first impression through the interplay of direct and indirect LED light. Right from the beginning, direct their gazes specifically to special elements of the interior using accentuated lighting design and thus emphasise the individual character of your establishment.

Allow the various areas of your lobby to immerse themselves meaningfully and harmoniously in vivacious, neutral or relaxing LED light. Adjust brightness and colour temperature individually to the light conditions of the time of day. Simply allow your guests to indulge in a coherent lighting ambience.

A stimulating, friendly illumination for your reception area creates a highly visible and inviting point of approach for your guests, and simultaneously a well-lit workplace for your employees.

Q-MAX LED lamps and LED lights help you to set the heart of your hotel in an appealing lighting scene and thus to create an atmospheric feel which your guests will remember fondly.

Equipped with the latest technology and the best safety features, Q-MAX products optimise your Hotel's LED lighting not only in terms of visual perception. A crucial advantage is the enormous reduction to your energy and maintenance bills. You will quickly notice the difference in the places where your lighting is in use 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We have compiled some examples for you from the lobby and reception areas. Let yourself be inspired. The economic benefits alone will win you over. We would be delighted to answer your queries at any time.