Corridors and Stairs

People orientate themselves in a room for the most part using light – and sources of light. Make use of this natural instinct of your guests and guide them intuitively and safely through your building's corridors and stairs using attractive LED lighting settings. Help to shape a positive overall impression of your hotel with respect to the guests, because people who can find their way simply and intuitively, even in large hotels, and who feel they are guided safely and subtly will associate their stay with pleasant and lovely memories.

Whether it is bright, light-flooded corridors or punctuated lighting accents in the passages, the durable and efficient LED lamps and LED lights from Q-MAX assist you with any lighting design possible. This includes simple installation and comes without any complicated or costly conversion of lighting systems.

Just have a quick browse through our gallery with many examples of application and allow your creativity free rein. Feel free to get in touch with us on this subject at any time.