Dimmable LEDs

Flexible brightness control is a factor that cannot be underestimated in many industries for creativity and increasing people’s concentration. Therefore the ‘dimming’ of a lamp is a crucial factor for ideal lighting quality. And there is another advantage: dimming saves energy.

In theory, LED lamps – also commonly referred to as LED bulbs or LED light bulbs in the vernacular – can be dimmed seamlessly when compared to other light sources such as discharge lamps, for example. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case in practice. Technical issues involving the combination of analogue and digital technology in dimmers together with a lack of quality standards for LED lamps often leads to faults. Flickering lamps, jumping dimming levels or totally absent dimming capability are the results. Not all dimmers are suitable for all LED lamps.

Q-MAX took on this issue and specialised itself in preventing such problems in its products as far as possible. Its aim is thedevelopment of high-quality LED lamps and LED lights which are compatible with many, or the majority of, commonly available leading-edge and trailing-edge phase dimmers, and which therefore ensure infinitely variable dimming from 0–100%. In short, it is to design LED lamps to be dimmable and to curb their limitations as much as possible.

In order to be able to guarantee this, a variety of dimmers were tested extensively in the development phase and the electronics and technology consistently aligned for maximum compatibility. The result is that the LED lamps from Q-MAX boast one of the highest levels of dimmer compatibility on the market.

Incidentally, we provide a detailed overview for each product in which all compatible and non-compatible dimmers can be viewed. This means there is no longer anything preventing the simple and easy management and planning of your LED conversion.

We are currently offering two different dimmer compatibilities for our LED lamps:
LED lamps equipped with SDC technology from Q-MAX possess an integrated driver which guarantees infinitely variable dimming with almost all leading-edge and trailing-edge phase dimmers.
Most LED lamps available on the market can be operated with either leading-edge or trailing-edge phase dimmers, but almost never with both.

Our highly developed driver enables stable, infinitely variable dimming for the first time; irrespective of whether it is with leading-edge or trailing-edge phase dimmers. As a result, Q-MAX LED lamps with SDC technology can be dimmed with almost all systems and they simplify the conversion to LED technology enormously.